Helping you become a better investor

Feel confident in your online investments.

Before making an online investment decision, confident investors review the company, employees, and business operations. Through this due diligence, confident investors know that the company is not a fraudulent operation, and are fully informed about the risks associated with their investment.

At CrowdCheck, we’re here to help you be a confident, online investor. Our checks go beyond mere database analysis. We provide the disclosure and due diligence you need to be fully informed about the company and the investment it is offering in a CrowdCheck Report that is clear and understandable. You’ll find our Reports on the sites of investment platforms that use our services.

Every company that receives CrowdCheck funding has been through a strenuous review. Our checks are powerful tools to help you be a better, safer investor. We have several different levels of check for operating companies.

With each check, you can feel confident in your online investment because of the research we do for you. As the starting point of the CrowdCheck review, we examine the company’s current operations, plans for the future, proposed use and terms of your investment, as well as whether the company can legally let you be an investor; we look at the company’s leadership and history to provide you with the company’s financial statements and verify who approved those statements. Our checks go on to investigate the company’s key employees, business licenses, physical premises, customers, suppliers, intellectual property, and more. Our research is presented in a way that’s easy to evaluate and understand—letting you compare various investment opportunities.

We also have checks specifically designed for pooled investment vehicles (such as private funds), real estate projects, and investment opportunities offered under the EB-5 visa program. For a more in-depth evaluation of real estate opportunities, we work alongside PropertyCommons, which provides real estate compliance, due diligence, and advisory services. With respect to EB-5 investment opportunities, our services are offered as part of a package offered by USAdvisors.