Investment Platforms

CrowdCheck helps investment platforms meet their disclosure and due diligence obligations

As a broker-dealer or a crowdfunding portal registered with the SEC, you have a difficult job. You have three different constituencies you need to keep happy:

Get it wrong and your platform could be in serious trouble. Get it right with CrowdCheck and you get:

Our due diligence, disclosure and compliance services can assist with:


Regulation D (Rule 506) offerings made to accredited investors


Regulation A offerings reviewed by the SEC


Offerings under “Regulation Crowdfunding”


Intrastate or multi-state crowdfunding offerings under the SEC’s Rules 147 and 504

CrowdCheck provides you with “law firm process” without the law firm price. With various levels of review and the ability to craft due diligence products to your unique needs, CrowdCheck provides you with an affordable way to help protect your investors from fraud and your platform from liability.

Learn more about our three standard levels of Checks for operating companies:

We also offer checks for pooled investment vehicles (such as private funds) and for real estate investment opportunities. For a more in-depth evaluation of real estate opportunities, we work alongside PropertyCommons, which provides real estate compliance, due diligence, and advisory services.