Sara Hanks joins the National Real Estate Forum Podcast

CrowdCheck CEO Sara Hanks spoke with Adam Gower of the NREForum Crowd Fund Project Podcast to talk compliance with online capital raising, JOBSAct regulations, securities crowdfunding and more. Listen here or choose a service to download the podcast.

Preparing for an SEC filing? Don’t forget your CIK codes.

With all the work that surrounds preparing to file with the SEC (whether you are making a Regulation A or a Regulation CF filing) it can be easy to overlook one of the simplest things you need in order to file. A CIK code is your company’s distinct fingerprint on the SEC’s filing site EDGAR, […]

The Current State of Reg A+ Investment Crowdfunding takes a look at the impact of Regulation A+ since it became available this past summer. The Current State of Reg A+ Investment Crowdfunding With all the excitement around the big SEC Title III Equity Crowdfunding announcement on Oct 30th it’s easy to overlook the fact that the SEC already enabled a potentially […]

Practical Law’s Equity Crowdfunding Q&A w/Sara Hanks

Thomson Reuter’s Practical Law interviews CrowdCheck CEO Sara Hanks on trends in equity crowdfunding and key issues for companies considering a crowdfunding offering. Expert Q&A on Equity Crowdfunding

CrowdCheck comment on Washington State Tier 2 proposal

Crowdcheck submitted a comment letter today to Washington State’s DFI with respect to its proposed notice filing requirements for Tier 2 of Regulation A.…